The Amazing Comics Men are two cartoonists from Holland, Jan the Stripman and Wim the Mysterious Helpman. After 6 years of posting our comic strips on Dutch weblogs we now seek a wider audience with this blog.

We are not native English speakers, but we try our best and hope you will forgive us our mistakes. Without the help of our dear friends Brammers and the Count it would even be worse. So eternal gratitude to both of them !

You can find us on our Dutch weblog Stripman’s Prikbord and one of us on Facebook and Google+, the Mysterious Helpman, of course, remains mysterious…

The ABC-awardabc

 Of course we are honoured and pleasantly surprised to be nominated for the ABC-award (by Seven Legged Express Journey). It means at least one person thinks our blog has Awesome Blog Content. We never expected that ! But we are grateful.

It also means that we’re supposed to say something about ourselves in 26 alphabetical topics. This is quite a challenge, more so because I (Jan the Stripman) will have to do all the talking. My colleague, Wim the Mysterious Helpman, maintains mysterious for obvious reasons.

I’ll give it a try but probably will skip a few letters:

Archaeology – Long time ago I worked as an illustrator for the Dutch Archaeological Service. Big Bill Broonzy – The Beatles were my first musical heroes, but blues-singer Big Bill Broonzy inspired me to take up singing and guitar playing myself. C – Is a nice musical note, but aren’t they all ? D – is nice too ! Eating – And drinking of course are very important. But don’t overdo it ! F and G – Very nice musical notes too. I used to sing a lot in the keys of F and G. Help – I get it from the Mysterious Helpman, without him I couldn’t make enough comics to fill a blog. I – Ummm, don’t know much about I. Jan – My first name is very common in the Netherlands, just as John in English speaking countries. Knowledge – Is a good thing to have a lot of. Learning – Yes, you should try to keep on learning. M – Mmmmm… I like the sound of that letter. No – A word some people find hard to use. It took me some time to master it. O – Is in fact a circle. Most comic-characters are made up of circles. Pogo Possum – One of my all time favourite comics. Q – Quite good this list, isn’t it ? Rock & Roll – Rhythm & Blues, Reggae & Rock Steady are nice music genres. Stripman – A google search might lead to the conclusion that Stripmen are all bare breasted body-builders. Hate to disappoint you, but ‘strip’ is the Dutch word for ‘comics’, in fact is an abbreviation of ‘comic strip’. That’s why we call ourselves ‘stripmen’ or ‘comicsmen’… Translation – They did teach us some English at school but translating our Dutch texts into English is no easy task. We are lucky to be supported by our translatory advisers Big Brammers and the Count of Heavenstilt. Without them the contents of this blog would be a lot less awesome ! U – I know just about as much about U as U know about I. Van Morrisson – Very good singer ! Web-logging – Important hobby for me in recent years. X-rated – We’re not. Yet – You never know what the future will bring. Zevon – Warren Zevon was a unique singer-songwriter, you should look him up !

Know I’m supposed to nominate some other bloggers for the ABC-award. Hope they won’t hold it against me but I very much like:

The Owl and Pussycat Webcomic


Planet Throgmorton

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    • Thank you very much ! We are only blogging here for a short while now and we are not that accustomed to the award-traditions on WordPress. But we are honoured, of course…!

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