6 thoughts on “What really annoys me about politics

  1. Jan you mean Verhagen or Rutte is Romney and Samson (middle of the road socialists), Sap (market economy environmental) or Pechtold (liberal in the US sense) is Obama? Who is Wilders (right wingers), who is Roemer (socialists), Van der Staaij (christian fundamentalists), Slob (social evangelical christians) in the US situation. I have no idea.

    In 2000 the Green Party got almost three million votes. You can choose in the US also, besides Democrats and Rublicans, but it does not happen. The people make it a two party system, it isn’t by itself.

    So it is better to vote for what you want, without to expectations raised to high.

  2. Jan I wrote an extensive reply resulting in the sentence: So vote for what is most fitting you (and look not only at Dem and Rep, the US is no 2PSys. In 2000 the Green Party got almost 3m votes) and do not have your expectations raised to a higher than reasenable (what ever that may be, some will regards my demands to high to be reasenable) level. But that reply disappeared.

      • He was the guy who got 3 million votes in 2000. In our system it was enough for several seats in Parliament/Congress.

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