3 thoughts on “Jack and Monica 01 – I hate you

  1. Besides being a humorous commentary on the fickle nature of some relationships this cartoon is very insightful from a psychological and sociological perspective. It would be a delightful insert in a chapter on relationships in either field to promote discussion of the following points: 1. some people stay in distasteful relationships out of fear of being alone. 2. Some do out of the fear of the unknown(at least I know what I’ve got). 3. Some people are unconsciously addicted to or expectant of a degree of abuse as normal 4. people erroneously accept that nothing is perfect which makes them accept what is undesirable. In all four cases the people with this syndrome have convinced themselves to accept the otherwise intolerable. They need liberation and self esteem therapy. Gosh you guys are really smart !

  2. Having an ex social studies teacher as a subscriber can be a pain in the butt sometimes. I can also be a pain in the butt to myself for having to think up all this nonsense. Hey Carl, lighten up. It’s just Jack and Monica.

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